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Where to Dine

May 15, 2024
Every bite along Georgia’s Trail of Legacy and Lore tells a story of rich history and diverse heritage.


Macon, Georgia, is steeped in musical history, and its culinary scene is no exception. Three standout restaurants along Georgia’s Trail of Legacy and Lore in Macon are H&H Restaurant, Downtown Grill, and Rookery.

Established in 1959 by Inez Hill and Louise Hudson, H&H Restaurant isn’t just a place to savor soulful Southern cuisine; it’s a living testament to Macon’s musical legacy.  The enduring friendship between Mama Louise and the Allman Brothers Band is etched into the restaurant’s history. After feeding the Allman Brothers when they couldn’t afford food otherwise, Mama Louise had a dedicated seat on the band’s tour bus and a lifelong connection with Gregg and the band members. Today, H&H remains a pilgrimage site for music historians and enthusiasts. And the food? Well… it’s just good for the soul.

Downtown Grill in Macon is more than just an acclaimed steakhouse; it’s a place where culinary excellence meets musical history. Formerly known as Le Bistro, this restaurant witnessed the iconic proposal of Gregg Allman to Cher in 1973, commemorated by a plaque on its exterior. As part of the Macon Music Historic Registry, it’s a culinary haven where love stories and delectable menus intersect. Over the years many more prominent public figures have dined here such as Jimmy Carter and Andy Warhol.

A staple restaurant of downtown Macon since 1976, the Rookery has hosted countless live music performances. Most notably, Rickie Lee Jones and Tom Waits performed here in the 1970s, and Widespread Panic played here in 1986. Today, it is remembered as the birthplace of Bragg Jam, Macon’s premier summer music festival that honors the memory of musician brothers Brax and Tate Bragg. Known for their burgers and milkshakes, all given names to reflect Macon’s music ties and celebrities that have enjoyed the signature eatery.


The legacy of Last Resort in Athens stretches back to its roots as a music club in 1966, where the melodies of passionate performers like Reverend Pearly Brown, Towns Van Zandt, Doc Watson, Jimmy Buffett, and even Steve Martin echoed through its walls. Today, the same fervor has found a new home in Last Resort’s menu and atmosphere, weaving together the threads of its eclectic history. 

Five & Ten in Athens is a culinary and architectural masterpiece that beckons both food enthusiasts and admirers of historic charm. Chef/Owner Hugh Acheson, a James Beard Award winner, has crafted a menu that showcases Southern cuisine with a modern twist. Housed in the historic Hawthorne House, a creation of architect Fred Orr in the early twentieth century, Five & Ten offers a dining experience that seamlessly blends culinary excellence and architectural elegance. The original structure remains mostly untouched, preserving its authentic charm, while subtle modern additions, like a kitchen extension, enhance the overall ambiance. With multiple dining rooms, a spacious bar, a coffee bar, and a welcoming patio, Five & Ten invites you to savor a unique fusion of culinary and architectural brilliance.


A staple of Southern culture, Soul Food was born from the ingenuity of enslaved individuals who transformed humble ingredients into flavorful masterpieces. This cuisine has evolved into today’s beloved dishes such as collard greens with cornbread, mac ‘n cheese, and Southern fried delights. To enjoy an authentic taste of Soul Food, a visit to one of Madison’s Black-owned restaurants offering meat and three plus sweet tea is a must. Local favorites include Benny Paul’s Soul Food and Martha’s Favorites, while just outside of Madison, in the historically Black Canaan District, R+B Café is another popular spot serving up Southern-style home cooking rooted in Georgia’s culinary traditions.

For diners with a taste for the elevated dishes of the New South, The Dining Room offers a chef-driven fine dining experience rooted in farm-to-table principles. Dinner service is always a unique experience, as Executive Chef Russell Hays crafts a custom, multi-course prix fixe menu that changes weekly based on the freshest available ingredients. Enhance the dining experience with custom wine pairings, expertly curated to complement each course of the prix fixe menu.

Oconee County

After exploring Oconee County’s trail segment, treat yourself at Chops and Hops, a local favorite since 2010. With mouth-watering bites, refreshing cocktails, and a commitment to using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, this unique dining experience ensures a memorable visit. The chefs pride themselves on creating flavorful dishes, and the restaurant is deeply connected to the community. Whether you dine in or opt for catering, Chops and Hops provides versatile options, including to-go services, reservations, and private dining for larger groups.

For authentic Mexican flavors, check out Kique’s Kitchen, where authentic Mexican flavors await. Embracing the essence of Mexico’s culinary traditions, Kique’s Kitchen is a haven for those seeking an authentic and vibrant dining experience. With a dedication to fresh, high-quality ingredients, every dish tells a story of cultural richness and culinary excellence. From vibrant spices to carefully selected fruits and vegetables, each element is chosen with care to transport you to the heart of Mexico. The passionate team of chefs at Kique’s Kitchen brings these traditions to life, infusing love into every dish and creating an unforgettable taste of Mexico right in Oconee County.