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UGA Historic North Campus

Athens, GA 30602

The University of Georgia is the birthplace of public higher education in America. Buildings on historic North Campus date back to 1801, five years prior to when the city of Athens itself was chartered. North Campus sits just across Broad Street from downtown Athens. The traditional entrance to campus is the Arch, modeled after the state seal of Georgia. Visitors will notice students walking around, not underneath the arch. Legend has it that walking underneath the arch will keep one from graduating. Look closely to see the steps on either side of the Arch worn much more than the space underneath! The aptly named Old College building (1801) is where the original students and faculty lived, ate, and attended class. The Chapel is a Greek Revival masterpiece. The Chapel is home to George Cook’s painting of St. Peter’s Cathedral. The 17 by 23 foot painting was thought to be the largest framed oil painting in the world at the time of its completion. One of the proud traditions of UGA is ringing the Chapel Bell after athletic wins or individual academic or personal accomplishments. Herty Field, now graced by a lovely fountain, is the site of the earliest UGA football games– a far cry from the 93,000-seat Sanford Stadium! Guided tours are available through the UGA Visitors Center. A self-guided tour is also available.