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Rose Cottage

179 E. Jefferson Street
Madison, GA 30650

Rose Cottage, displays a charming example of the Folk Victorian style built circa 1891. Following the popularity of the Victorian architectural styles such as Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival, smaller homes were built to emulate some of the more elaborate features of these popular architectural gems. These Folk Victorian structures often feature symmetrical facades with spindlework ornamentation and cornice-line brackets, such as the sawnwork detailing on the front porch of this one-story cottage.

Rose Cottage offers more than just a peek into history’s architectural trends. It also sheds light on the remarkable achievements of Black women post-Civil War, as they seized upon newfound freedom to establish businesses, capitalize on newly-acquired property rights, and prosper in pursuit of the American Dream. Born into slavery and later widowed with two children in the post-Civil War South, Ms. Adeline Rose displayed immense determination in independently developing her own laundry business and constructing the charming Rose Cottage to provide a nurturing environment for her family. Managed by the Morgan County Historical Society, Rose Cottage warmly invites visitors to delve into the compelling narrative of Adeline Rose’s life and work while touring the home.