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Rogers House

179 E. Jefferson Street
Madison, GA 30650​

One of the oldest homes in Madison, The Rogers House (c. 1809) stands as a quintessential example of the Piedmont Plain design that was the standard for middle-class houses of the era. Frequently confused as a distinct architectural style, the Piedmont Plain house is, in fact, an I-house design—a two-story structure measuring two rooms in width by one room in depth, typically featuring a central stairwell. The term “”Piedmont Plain”” likely originated due to the minimal embellishments and their prevalence in the Piedmont region, which spans from Alabama to New Jersey, nestled between the Atlantic coastal plain and the Appalachian Mountains.

Erected the same year as the City of Madison was established, this home stands as a testament to the expansion of white settlers into the frontier of Native American lands through land lotteries, treaties and forced removal. Positioned on its original lot, this historic residence has witnessed the passage of time through 17 different owners including an American Revolutionary War soldier, Private Thomas Norris. Today, visitors are welcome to discover their stories and experience how they lived with guided tours through this historic house museum.