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Heritage Hall

277 S. Main Street
Madison, GA 30650

Heritage Hall stands as Madison’s most-visited historic house museum, a striking embodiment of the distinguished Greek Revival architectural style that flourished between 1830 and 1850. In fact, due to its widespread popularity, the Greek Revival style was commonly hailed as the “National Style.”

Built in a simpler style in 1811, Heritage Hall underwent a remarkable transformation in the mid-1800s under the ownership of Dr. Jones. His vision reshaped the mansion into the awe-inspiring Greek Revival masterpiece that stands today. Attention was put into every detail of the home’s distinctive style, such as incorporating a unique square shape on only two of the estate’s six columns, setting Heritage Hall apart from its contemporaries.

Until 1977, this architectural gem remained in private hands, safeguarding its legacy until its preservation became the ongoing mission of the Morgan County Historical Society. Present-day visitors to Heritage Hall are treated to an immersive journey into the past, unraveling not just the building’s history and its inhabitants’ stories, but also embracing the authentic furnishings and designs that epitomize the opulence of the local planter class during the early 1800s.